1 May 2012

The Mother’s Prophetic Message of 14th April 1966

The Mother's Prophetic Message
of 14th April 1966

On the morning that we came to know that Peter Heehs' visa had been extended at the last moment, we also received the following message of the Mother dated the very same day exactly 46 years ago!

The full import of the message is gradually becoming apparent. Heehs' deportation from India would have been a partial victory as it would have ignored the root cause of the problem. The drama enacted in the media by Heehs and the Trustees of the Ashram Trust has exposed their double standards before the whole world. It is now clear to all that the Trustees have been supporting Heehs and have vested interest in his continuance in the Ashram and his continuing abuse of Sri Aurobindo.

The ire of the public and of the devotees is now focussed on the Trustees. This will inevitably lead to the long-pending administrative reforms that the Ashram needs so badly.

Mother's message of the day is revealing and prophetic!

General Editor


Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2012

Subject: 14th April Message

My very dear little child,
The Divine does not want a partial and passing victory. His victory must be total and everlasting. That is why we have to endure and wait for the proper time to come. However with faith and confidence, even the endurance becomes easy. With all my love.
The Mother

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