24 Nov 2011

Niranjan Naik’s Reply to Manoj Das

[I present two letters on behalf of the thousands of distressed devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in Orissa. The first one is a translation of a letter written by our respected Niranjan-bhai on 18 August 2010 to Manoj Das, who has betrayed us by supporting the denigration of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the Ashram at Pondicherry. The second one is a translation of a letter written by us to Manoj Das, after he wrote a reply to Niranjan-bhai and threatened him with dire consequences. I have taken the trouble to translate both the letters into English to show to the non-Oriyas our support for Niranjan-bhai and his colleagues who have stood up boldly against the despotic authorities of the Ashram. The fact that most Oriyas have kept quiet does not mean that we are ignorant or we do not care for what is happening at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. We pray to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for dislodging the falsehood that has entrenched itself at the Ashram.]
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9 Nov 2011

Sraddhalu Ranade’s Letter to Manoj Das

[We publish here Sraddhalu’s letter to Manoj Das written on 28 July, 2010. The letter throws light on the inside events that took place within the Sri Aurobindo Ashram community at Pondicherry and gives a better perspective of the controversy over Peter Heehs’s Lives of Sri Aurobindo to the uninformed reader outside Pondicherry.]

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