21 Sept 2012

Puducherry Government Launches Probe into Mismanagement and Corrupt Practices of SAAT Trustees!

In response to repeated and serious charges of grave financial mismanagement and corrupt practices of the present Trustees of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, the Government of Puducherry has launched a high-powered Enquiry/Probe into the workings of the SAAT Trust Board.

By their letter dated 17th September 2012, the Government of Puducherry had directed the present Trustees of the Ashram Trust to publicly place their Notice announcing the probe in the Ashram Main Building's notice board, the Dining Hall, the Ashram school and the Medical Services facilities immediately, and to report to the Government their compliance in writing.

Even though the Government's letter was received by the Trustees on the same day (17th September 2012), in blatant defiance of the instructions of the Government of Puducherry, the Trustees have so far evaded compliance and have not placed the Government's Notice on the designated Ashram notice boards.

The Notice issued by the Government, intended to be seen by all the Beneficiaries of the Trust including Devotees, Disciples and Inmates, is attached below.

Let the truth be exposed and may justice prevail.


  1. Finally the administration has heard the voices of the Ashramites and the devotees of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo in India and abroad. " Truth Always Triumphs".

  2. Comment by Ritwik Bannerjee:

    Trustees should be pioneers in obeying the Mother's command "Cling to Truth". Time is too precious for MAN to lose in this way in real life. They are delaying truth to manifest in life by all kinds of dubious means and hiding their real faces from public eye. They should rather help any Govt. probe to carry out its business and Court of law to proceed with trials bravely if they have a white face in any field of life. They should not shrink from letting the world know that a probe of this nature is under way.