5 Jul 2013

Comment regarding the SAICE forum – by Veerbhadra Singh

Letter to the Editor (refer to Filio’s comments in Scheme Suit Update)

The likes of Filio are best left alone in their world of fantasy and delusion where they are the self-styled, self-proclaimed defendants of the faith and the new gospel of Peter and his protectors. In this new gospel that they have floated, intellectual freedom along with its right to abuse anybody even remotely looking great, is the highest value. They speak of truth and lies, but freely mix both so as to confuse their readers or rather to convert their minds to this new gospel where the Trust is equivalent to the Master, and is the only approach to God. Clearly a religion is in the making right under their noses! And who is their God? A being who enjoys and defends those who deny spiritual things and mocks at them, a God who defends those who denigrates spiritual Masters, defiles Their image in human hearts, throws doubts at Their experiences, trivialises Their achievements. Or a God who rushes to attack and destroy anybody who stands for Idealism and has the courage of conviction to stand upon one's faith as on a solid rock. Do you not see why they attack Sraddhalu? Plain and simple jealousy! These fellows are not even one-tenth his measure, either in spiritual achievement or in his invaluable service to the Master that he is rendering to humanity and the world while these fellows are busy enjoying their freedom to hurl abuses and enjoy the Ashram privileges. They attack him because they are mortally scared of him. How they wish they could earn as much or even half the respect he commands through his deeds! But these good-for-nothing nobodys are simply after cheap popularity, whose names no one knows except their relatives, and who have hardly made any difference to anybody's life except their kith and kin. Their life begins and ends with themselves and the rest concerns them only so long as it serves their selfish interests such as closeness to the Trust and the petty advantages thereof. So my advice to you is to leave aside these dwellers in false values. They are really irrelevant. It is also no point discussing with them since they can hardly understand deeper things, have not even an elementary training in logic, label whatever they do not understand as rhetoric and most importantly cannot write one paragraph without spewing venom and hate, which is perhaps their daily food. After all, what else can you expect from those who are fine with the denigration of their Master and can go to any absurd length to justify Peter Heehs and his likes in the 'true' and convenient secular spirit of India. May be the time has come for the breaking of all institutions and what we are witnessing is just one of those beginnings which will lead to a genuine spiritual Age.

But meanwhile see their logic. They give the analogy of stone throwing at Sraddhalu’s house but what about applying the same logic to the book! Peter Heehs has thrown not one but a number of stones and over the years, not only at the Master’s House and the devotees but at the Master Himself. May be the likes of Filo and Co are feeling not only jealous and spiteful, but also guilty that they did nothing when the Master was being attacked. So to recompense for that lapse they are rushing to defend the caretaker of the house. What they forget is that the caretaker is not the Master and is perhaps not doing enough to take care of it. How else can one explain the rot and the revolt if they were functioning properly! Something must be seriously wrong in an institution where the members are at war with each other, cancelling and demolishing each other. Unity is lacking, but then where is the fault? In spiritual life it is well known that when one is attacked by an outside force, one takes a hard look inside so as to know where is the opening inviting such an attack. One does not rush to blame others. And who are these ‘others’? -members of the same community! If the Trust had wanted, no power could have divided the community. It is they who let it happen, who sat silently while the community was being divided by an American and other ‘pseudo-secular’ forces for their own vested interests. If the community is divided today, the responsibility is surely with the Trust and nobody else. They never made any attempt to reconcile, or even to talk and discuss with the aggrieved persons since they knew very well that they cannot justify their action to safeguard Peter’s interests in public. So they hid themselves under a veil of mysterious silence that was broken only time and again when they were attacked or their throne shaken. They created a smoke-screen of diverse opinions and raised the bogey of freedom to justify their (in)action. They wore the mask of neutrality to justify partiality. Even now things can change if they are willing to talk face to face. Let them or their masks (the abusive gang of Filio and others) come out in a common open place before all the devotees and take the debate. Do they have even an iota of courage to do so? They would not! So it is best is to let these faithful dogs bark in their den and stop listening to them. They know nothing else but to bark. But also do not paint all ex-students with the same brush just as these jokers call all who come to listen to Sraddhalu’s talks as ‘gullible masses’. Let them come and see whether we are a gullible mass or an accomplished lot. These fellows are exceptions and are best ignored lest they find no end to their self-importance.

Veerbhadra Singh

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