19 May 2009

Anonymous Posting on Savitri Era Open Forum

I am compelled to make a statement here. I have been somewhat following articles in SCIY and this blog. I am simply surprised that the supporters do not recognise the very elementary common sense fact that this is NO case of fundamentalism with the people who are against this book. It is because it is written by one IN THE ASHRAM. THIS IS THE BETRAYAL. Please realize that WORSE has been written and expressed by outsiders on Aurobindo on which NO ban or censorship had ever been sought. Mr Carlson also writes:

“Having no other knowledge of Heehs history at the Ashram how do you think that sounded? An author having property, and body attacked before throwing a court case on him for writing a book?”

“I can’t apologize for what Heehs is accused of over the past 30 years in the community, I have no idea of those events. But the fact is if this matter would have been dealt with in a civil manner in your Ashram, I would not have spent so much valuable time moderating post on this issue, Frankly the situation is disgusting and - court cases or not - I hope it is resolved soon so I never hear about it again!!!”
Clearly Carlson has a lot of sympathy for Heehs’ property and body. You would think he would have paused to consider the emotional and psychological violence that has been inflicted upon the devotees and disciples unless of course all the reactions of all of them are a concoction and a fabrication. One may compel and prevent and decry the physical act of violence but can he undo or understand the mental violence that led to the physical acts? Accepted that he had no idea of the past acts of Heehs but he is surely not oblivious of the current deep discontent and hurt that this has caused people. NOT A WORD on that at all from the supporters save Kepler (which too I am not sure. He seems to be playing both sides and trying to be ingratiate himself with both. His response to Sraddhalu betrays his lack of sympathy for the devotees that have been hurt). Those who have experienced the psychological violence are also the followers of Aurobindo many of whom have dedicated their lives or at least drawn to the Mother and Aurobindo deeply enough to take residence there and happily accept the travails and hardships of that life unlike Carlson who prefers to pass judgement - on their intellectual acumen - ensconced in the comforts of America. Shame on you, thrice shame on you.
I am sorry to have to say this, you have shown coldness of heart, a total apathy and a dismal lack of understanding. The author (according to SCIY) has at least rendered an apology for the hurt sentiments. Carlson is worse than he is, for there has not been ONE WORD in SCIY that has empathized with those who have felt hurt and offended and disgusted by this representation of Aurobindo. By being silent on that and constantly harping on the damage to the author, he has shown utter contempt (perhaps not intended) for Aurobindo’s followers, and mind you their number is not small. Mr Carlson I would suggest you pause and reflect if you believe this would go well with Aurobindo and the Mother.

Quite frankly it has been a revelation to me as to how the intellect bereft of the motive-force of service to the divine can be so ruthlessly, judgmental, totally closed to the interjections of the sentient and humane side of our personality. I am sorry to say Carlson betrays an abysmal ignorance and arrogance in spiritual matters. For how can he say “But the fact is if this matter would have been dealt with in a civil manner in your Ashram”. The Ashram was started by Sri Aurobindo and is an attempt to evolve and embody a divine life in a divine body. It does not necessarily have to conform to Carlson’s standards of ethics and morality- though it does not necessarily have to abandon them. But there seems to be an arrogance that this ought to have been handled in a certain way and his posts reveal that attitude.

There are certain principles of life on which one does not compromise and one such is the relation with ones spiritual Master. This is held in the highest regard more so in India and for sound spiritual reasons. I don’t really think we westerners can understand or appreciate that spirit. Let me only ask him this. Has he ever come across a similar portrayal of a Master by a disciple? If so please put this up on SCIY. I would be very eager to see a parallel. Alok, Sraddhalu, in fact the majority in the Ashram have been very patient with all his and others’ diatribes. They have not attacked Carlson. They are residents and members of a community called the Aurobindo Ashram and so is the author. If they feel the author’s actions undermine the stability and sanctity of the Ashram why should it be his business. Is he a self-proclaimed savior of mankind, or the author’s evil guardian? Mr Carslon’s arrogance and ignorance gets more audacious as he continues in the same vein.
“But the fact is if this matter would have been dealt with in a civil manner in your Ashram, I would not have spent so much valuable time moderating post on this issue, Frankly the situation is disgusting and -court cases or not- I hope it is resolved soon so I never hear about it again!!!”
Oh I suppose the Ashram must render an immediate apology to Mr Carlson for the inconvenience caused to him and the time lost to Mr Carlson as a result of its inability to deal with this in a civil manner! And yes don’t forget Mr Carlson’s time is “valuable”. In fact the Ashram ought to thank Mr Carlson’s kindness and compassion for giving the Ashram an extension of time to resolve this “soon” so that he may “never hear about it again”. And yes the Ashram ought to not forget that it exists for and because of Mr Carlson and to serve Mr Carlson. To Carlson its “infinite gratitude”. May it not forget even for a moment all it owes to Mr Carlson.

Didn’t he offer to step down? But one feels just like all else he says, its all talk and quite frankly its cheap and un-inspirational. In fact many of his statements on Aurobindo are alarming to say the least and it is a suprise that the others have nothing to say or oppose. What a shame.

This book is uninspiring and a travesty of the Master and no seeker who is even a little serious about the Yoga will consider this as anything less than a mockery of a Master-seeker relationship.

Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era at 12:51 PM, May 07, 2009

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  1. Is there any doubt that peter Heehs and all his demonic colligues have come to sri Aurobindo Ashram with the sole motivation to tarnish the image of Sri Aurobindo as their teacher Geofry another rascal have done in his book “Child of Kali” with Sri RamKrishna ParamHansa…?And there are always enough no. of Pishachas in America to do such nasty things in India…Are’nt they getting money from oher Chrischian missionaries and Vetican Church..These rascals are doing nasty things in India and want to be appriciated?.And surely they would find their keens here even in India….for demons are everywhere same…they may vary in garb but their food is same..trying to tarnish Divine Name..and personalities,for demons can never admire truth or worshipper of truth…they know only to beak at divine personalities….This bastard Peter heehs is here solely for his demonic endshe would meet one day his fate….they are many in Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives doing this kind of work,..trying to disfigure Sri Aurobindo’s writtings and throwing mud at the great Master…and they complin againgt disciples of Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga How wonder? a demond sitting on the divine literary body of Sri Aurobindo mutilaling it and putting his american vulgarity imagining in Sri Aurobindo and he doesn’t want to be disturbed while ong such ugly and demonic vaticanian things to Sri Aurobindo’s divine Literature….Such bunch of rascals would not succeed though…it’s holy duty of true seekers of divine and devotees of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo to drive these demons from Sri Aurobindo shram and even from Auroville where these demons feed on Auroville money and dance like cannibals in their demonic communoties..Auroville should have been a city of divine dawn but it has entered in voluminous,ominus dakness y the deeds of these kind of demonic cultssurely they could do such ghastly things in Europe,America…but since they represent veticanian demonic creed…they have come to Auroville to smother the divine dawn..!Sri Aravinday Namah!