8 Sept 2012

Letter to the Trustees from Ahmedabad Centre

Dear Trustees,

We, the undersigned Trustees of Shree AuroMa Trust (Ahmedabad) run Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Kendra. We would like to put a few words about Peter Heeh's book 'The Lives of Sri Aurobindo', the stand you have taken regarding the book and its author and also the stand we expect you to take.

After perusal of certain texts from the book and correspondence by some learned, eminent devotee-scholars and institutions. We are thoroughly convinced of the following:

(1) Peter has stolen and misused privileged material from Sri Aurobindo Archives for his personal gains.

(2) Peter has violated copyrights of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, impersonated as Founder of the Archives and has numerous, serious criminal lapses too in the publication of the book.

(3) Peter intends to create communal strife and tension in the country through this book.

(4) In all probability Peter has tampered with Sri Aurobindo's writings in the manuscripts.

(5 ) The book presents several facts and information based on unreliable sources .

(6) The book is perverse and contains misrepresentations, deformations, denigrations and distortions of life, work and yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The

It is very surprising that you have not cared to answer so many letters you have received on the subject or very feebly and unconvincingly answered some of them. It is shocking that you have not only not taken any measures against Peter and the publication of his book, but have also defended and protected him, and as if this was not sufficient, strongly recommended the Central Government for the extension of his visa! On top of it all, you have started gagging Ashramites - children of the Mother - for voicing the truth.

We earnestly request you to take the following measures:

(1) Expel Peter Heehs not only from the Archives, but also from the Ashram.

(2) Withdraw permission for the publication of the book 'The Lives of Sri Aurobindo' .

(3) Make an official public statement that strongly denounces and disapproves the book. Also clarify in your statement what action you have taken or intend to take against Peter.

(4) Stop gagging Ashramites because they hold a different opinion in this matter and democratically express it - stop being despotic.

(5) Keep manuscripts and other material in the Archives in the safest possible custody so that it is not stolen or misused in future.

(6) Make necessary amendments in the rules and regulations of the Ashram Trust by which Ashramites, if they are in majority, can force one or more
Trustees to resign from their post.

We, the deeply aggrieved children of our DIVINE PARENTS, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, pray for you, children of the same PARENTS, our brethren: May the veil of falsehood drop from your consciousness, may you act from your higher self, may you always be faithful only to the Divine and no human beings.

With love and goodwill.

At the feet of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Signed by Chairman and trustees of Sri Auro-Ma Trust.

Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Kendra, Ahmedabad

(Copy of the letter sent to each Trustee of SAAT.)

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  1. The stand taken by the Ahmedabad Aurobindo Sadhana Kendra trustees needs to be supported and a letter of response needs to be forced upon the Trustees. Clearly the time has come that we make our stand clear on things that bother the faith of Sri Aurobindo and vitiate the spiritual atmosphere surrounding the Ashram and its followers. We need to raise our voices against such despotic practices