4 May 2012

The Demand of the Moment

The Mother’s message of 14.4.1966:

My very dear little child,     

The Divine does not want a partial and passing victory. His victory must be total and everlasting. That is why we have to endure and wait for the proper time to come. However with faith and confidence, even the endurance becomes easy. With all my love.

The Mother

Today (14.4.2012) after 46 years the above given message of the Mother on the same date seems entirely fresh and new, because of its relevance for the situation of this day. To night at 2 am the infamous Peter Heehs who has written and published the controversial book “The Lives of Sri Aurobindo” deliberately to denigrate the character of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo had to leave India forever as per the order of the Govt. But at the last moment the Trustees of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust due to their fear-based deep love for Peter intervened and strongly recommended Peter’s extension of visa for one more year up to 14.4.2013. When the Ashram Trustees wrote in support of Heehs, the Government was compelled to extend Peter’s visa for one year more.

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Peter’s flight ticket had been booked and he was ready to leave India on the 14th night by 2 am. Everybody in the Ashram and outside was delighted and confident about Peter’s departure and eagerly waiting for it. But as a bolt from the blue the news of the extension of his visa came and the waiting disciples and devotees all over India and the world were extremely disheartened. At this moment of deep depression the above message of the Mother was discovered as a great consolation and hope.

 The meaning of the message was clear. Everybody’s depressed heart and mind were convinced that instead of a partial and passing victory Mother wants a total and everlasting victory. She wants not only Peter’s deportation, but along with it his sponsors the antinational, anti-Ashram, anti-Mother and anti-Master Trustees, who love Peter Heehs for fear of being exposed of their crimes. They must step down from their position, because now it is proved without doubt that they are the real culprits. They are trying to protect Peter by whatever means even ignoring the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, so that Peter will protect them by keeping their misdeeds secret. But this senseless, stupid bunch does not realise that by doing this for their petty personal interest they are spoiling the future of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, the future of the Ashram and the future of the whole mankind in general.

Luckily due to the divine Pressure, the behind-the-scenes activities of the Trustees have now come to the forefront. Their intention is clear. By asking for one year extension of Peter’s visa, they will try their best by misusing the Ashram’s money and their power to prove Peter innocent and keep him in the Ashram permanently to worship him and make other inmates to worship them. The Divine knows that if Peter goes alone and these power-blind trustees remain in their position, they will erect another Peter Heehs against the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

We the so-called disciples claiming a higher mind and a finer speech do not realize the graveness of the situation whereas an innocent tree without mind and speech who has served uninterruptedly since its birth its Mother and the Master near the Samadhi has given clear messages from time to time sacrificing its own limbs. Once when in 1972 December 5th night due to a storm some of the branches of the Service Tree broke, the Mother had told, “usually it didn’t come this way… The consciousness must have sunk a lot… quite a lot” (Mother’s Agenda v.13, p.322).

For the second time the branches of the Service Tree had fallen down due to heavy cyclone on the 30th of December 2011, and then the biggest branch fell on 18th of April 2012 without any external reason. In those cases though the smaller branches fell down due to the storm the Mother had told, “The consciousness must have sunk a lot…quite a lot.” Now when one of the biggest branches of this heavenliest tree fell down on 18.4.12 at 10 pm without any storm or wind what shall we say for it? Is it not because the consciousness has almost completely sunk? Has it not happened just after the Trustees have protect and kept in the Ashram at the last moment the officially deported Peter Heehs, the most ungrateful, treacherous and pretentious disciple in the history of spirituality, in the Ashram by their strong recommendation?

This Service tree is the symbol of our Service to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. It always teaches us how to serve silently, selflessly, whole-heartedly and unceasingly our Mother and our Lord. Will we ignore its word of silence, one whom the Mother called a Rishi? When our Divine Mother is lying trampled in dust and our Divine Guru is insulted, our Ashram is under the clutch of the Asuras and the age-old glorious culture and tradition of our Motherland is going to be ruined by a foreign taxi-driver aided by our Trustees who are extremely devoted to him, can we passively witness these things and indulge in enjoyment of life in the pretext of Sadhana, Peace, Calm, samata and harmony at any cost? When the ideals and spirit of our Master and the Mother are rolling in the dust can we be satisfied in putting their photos on the decorated dais and giving sermons on Surrender, Aspiration, Rejection, Self-giving, Psychic Being, Supermind, etc? Can we not take a leap putting aside our selfishness, comfort and enjoyment to fight for our very reason of existence here upon earth as the children of the Mother?

This is the demand of the moment and the moment is very auspicious and divine. If we do not pay heed to it we may loose this opportunity forever. The poor, innocent, mute, ever-awake Rishi tree may not give us its clear, calm, precious message of stillness again, the message may come in a more hard and harsh way. So for us the choice is imperative.

A child of the Mother

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  1. What was the content of the letter issued by the managing trustee at the nick of time on 14 april 2012, to ensure an visa extension for Peter by a year? Since this is a matter of great public interest by all devotees, will the managing trustee make the content of that letter public, for all to see? If they do not do that, it will be naturally construed that their work amounts to complicity and hypocrisy and complete breach of trust. We demand some transparency from the managing trustee of our own Ashram. H. Acharya