19 May 2012

BJD MP for cancelling visa to US historian

BUSINESS STANDARD  Saturday, May 19, 2012

Press Trust of India / New Delhi May 18, 2012, 16:15

A strong plea was made by a BJD member in the Lok Sabha today for immediately cancelling the visa to controversial US historian Peter Heehs, accused by followers of Sri Aurobindo of depicting a distorted picture of the freedom fighter and spiritual leader. 

Raising the issue during Zero Hour, Bhartruhari Mahtab said the "blasphemous" book written by Heehs has been part of a "malicious design to discredit and defame" thinkers of modern India. 

Mahtab, who was supported by some members including from Trinamool Congress and Congress, said there has been "widespread indignation" among devotees of Sri Aurobindo over his biography written by Heehs, which is "full of falsehoods". 

Heehs, who is an inmate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, had spent nearly four decades in India and had recently faced deportation from India. Recently his visa was extended by the Union Home Ministry by one more year from April 15. 

Mahtab wondered as to how a person was getting visa despite repeated complaints against him. "We should stop such people from coming to the country", he added. 

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  1. We applaud and support this action by our representative in lok Sabha, Sri Mahatab, in drawing the attention of the nation's Parliament to the injustice involved in extending the visa for Peter, the writer of the infamous and controversial book on Sri Aurobindo, [an acclaimed national leader and spiritual giant]. We also commend the action by other enlightened members from Trinamool Congress and congress, who chose to support this motion. May more and more among our political leaders see the light behind this argument, and take the necessary steps to banish Peter for good from India's soil, and seal his nefarious anti-guru anti-people activities.