1 Jan 2015

News Excerpts on Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry

The New Indian Express
Chennai, Thursday, 1 January 2015 

Fury on Ashram Alive As 3 House Targeted
Puducherry: The attack on Sri Aurobindo Ashram continues unabated ever since the two Ashram sisters who were evicted on December 18 committed suicide, with three guest houses – Oriya Nilayam, New Sweet Home and Orissa House – being stoned last night.

The Attackers came on a motorcyle at midnight and fled after stoning, said a security staff of one of the guest houses. The Oriya Nilayam guesthouse has been attacked three times resulting in damaged window panes. (excerpt)

The Hindu
Puducherry, January 1, 2015

Asked about the recent protests against Sri Aurobindo Ashram, he [Mr Visweswaran, Puducherry BJP MLA] said that the Ashram should be put in order and its administration should be transparent. He hoped that the centre would take necessary steps in this regard. (excerpt)

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