29 Jan 2015

Comment on "Who Represents the Ashram?" – by a Devotee and Disciple

If anyone has to be blamed for the possibility of a government intervention, it is the Trustees themselves. First, they behave with an absolute authority wherein no one has any right to question their decisions. Then they go about systematically diluting the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother by turning the Ashram into a free-for-all place where anybody who can please them can take all the benefits. By doing this and by constantly finding legal and police solutions, they have acted worse than government officials and attracted such forces into the temple of the Lord. Then they allow tampering with Sri Aurobindo’s writings. And as if this was not bad enough, they allow not only the publication of the diabolic biography but also publish a ‘research article’ in the Archives drawing comparison between Sri Aurobindo, the mystic and schizophrenia patient. The only job they had was to take care of the Ashram assets as trustees but they seem to be acting like owners. It is sad to see ‘high placed people and rich businessman as well as their sycophants’ break the queue and be led through the back door for Darshan. This is exactly how government officials may do. Are they any better? The only difference is that while one can question a government official, since there are people above him and he is bound by the law, one cannot question the Trustees since they believe they are above the law and beyond any questioning and an absolute authority. Even now they can resolve this issue by inviting concerned parties and have a dialogue as to the needed changes for the smooth functioning of the Ashram. But instead of finding ways of harmony they preferred to divide the community and continue to do so just out of their own ambition and to satisfy their Ego. Will their EGO allow a harmonious resolution? That is the question and the problem and the answer also. 

A devotee and disciple

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