9 Aug 2012

Nexus Between Gautam Chikermane and Ashram Trustees Exposed!

Gautam Chikermane, the self-righteous and fraudulent reporter of Hindustan Times, stands exposed. Over the last six months, Chikermane has been writing concocted and factually wrong news items in the Hindustan Times praising Peter Heehs' book and the Ashram Trustees, all in the name of freedom of speech and moral integrity. Now we know why!
Chikermane's sixteen year-old daughter has been given an out-of-turn admission in the Ashram's prestigious school, the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education. The Managing Trustee Manoj Das Gupta, who is also the Registrar of the school, has violated all established conventions and norms in order to admit Chikermane's daughter on her very first attempt at admission at the ripe old age of sixteen. The rule established by the Mother is that no child above the age of twelve is to be admitted into the school, and this is clearly specified in the admission form. Additionally the Managing Trustee bypassed key Admission Committee members who were not even informed of this admission. It is to be noted that Chikermane's daughter was pulled out of several well-known schools in Delhi on account of her inability to fit in.

Chikermane's family have also been granted unfettered access to the Ashram's Guest Houses and accommodation and promised Ashram facilities in return for favourable reviews and articles in the Hindustan Times. It is hoped that the Hindustan Times management will take note of this and do the needful to protect its reputation.


  1. Shame, shame, Mr.Registrar, how long will you hide behind your fig leaf of falsehood?

    Or, shall we say the Registrar has no clothes on?

  2. So, this pompous man was being compensated all along to write malicious 'opinions' about people who have genuine disagreements with PH and the ashram. What a sorry group of people some of these so-called Sri Aurobindo's admirers/followers are: shifty like Chikermane, treacherous like Haartz, viperous like R. Carlson, scheming and malicious like Heehs, presumptious and arrogant like Debashish Bannerjee, slavish like Filio and Arindam, and gullible like Hutchinson.