27 Jul 2012

Fourth Letter of Bengaluru Study Circle to the Trustees

Dear Shri Manoj Dasgupta,

It may kindly be recalled that you had once raised with the Mother the question of attack of hostile forces (Georges Vrekhem, Beyond Man (2007), p 315) albeit in a different context. That was long ago in 1955 when you were still a student at the Ashram school. We do compliment you on these concerns voiced precociously at such a young age. These hostile forces are still at work of which Peter is a symptom. And isn't it also an uncanny coincidence that the responsibility of leading the fight against these forces of falsehood now rests with you as the Managing Trustee?

We urge you as fellow devotees to initiate the following actions quickly:-

1. To expel Peter Heehs from the Ashram.

2. Mechanisms to prevent recurrence of calamities like Peter.

3. To engage the Trustees, Departmental Heads and senior members of the Ashram in a free and frank dialogue with a view to evolve measures for improved functioning of the Ashram at all levels.

4. To hold a wider dialogue among the Representatives of The Ashram, The Society and Auroville since these organisations serve similar spiritual aims and reciprocate each other. Whatever might be their distinctive character, role or identity at the individual level, don't these three institutions together constitute a symbiotic fraternity, each one complementing and enriching the other two?

5. To strive towards re-establishing a healthy and harmonious environment in The Ashram. Whether it is the Ashram, the Society or Auroville, each one of these, as we know, was originally intended to function as an egalitarian commonwealth of sadhaks, so to say, with none considered superior or inferior in status. Everyone was considered an equally important and indispensable cog in the wheel. This pristine attitude of equality must be restored, fostered and elevated in keeping with our spiritual aspirations.

May we reiterate, Shri. Manoj Dasgupta, that this is a momentous moment for you and your team to reflect upon what went wrong where, when, why and how. It is also a historic opportunity that beckons you to accomplish great deeds, an opportunity to rise above the common herd like a real hero, demolish all those silly walls that divide and separate, build in their place lasting bridges of goodwill and raise the Ashram, the Society and Auroville to new heights of perfection. We are optimistic that given your tutelage under the Mother, you will not flinch or waver from launching an all-out effort at restoring the pristine glory of the Ashram and its Siblings.

May one and all be warned as well that this is an hour of trial and an hour of reckoning for every devotee and sadhak. It is verily "The Hour of God" that reverberates with the clarion call of Sri Aurobindo: "….cleanse thy soul of all self- deceit and hypocrisy. All insincerity of nature, once thy defence against the eye of the Master…. becomes now a gap in thy armour and invites the blow. Even if thou conquer for the moment, it is the worse for thee, for the blow shall come afterwards and cast thee down in the midst of thy triumph.... Nor let worldly prudence whisper too closely in thy ear; for it is the hour of the unexpected."

May this call sink deep into our consciousness and so inspire and drive our actions!
Before concluding a word about our study group would be in order. This call is also the Prime inspirational force behind the actions of Sri Aurobindo Study Circle group. Sri Aurobindo Study Circle comprises of devotees and disciples of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and many among them have completely dedicated themselves to their immortal cause. This Study Group meets at Sri Aurobindo Complex, J P Nagar, regularly for 5 days a week since almost a decade studying the major works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Many devotees coming and staying in the guest house also participate in this activity.

Thanking you,
Sincerely yours,

Vaishali Ganapati Bhandari

[The letter has been signed by 235 persons. We reproduce below scans of the first two pages of the letter.]

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  1. When the Ashram was attacked in 1955, among the people who stood out to protect and face, they say at that time Manoj Das Gupta was nowhere to be seen. Only in paper he does come forward.

    Since Jugul ishore Muknerjee brought Peter’s mischief and wrong doings to the notice of the older sadhaks, Amal Kiran and Nirod Baran and others, Manoj  Das Gupta has been in the forefront as the leader and a referee in this issue. It is under his directions that anybody pointing out Peter’s activities has been silenced, removed, or boycotted. This is a serious matter that started three decades ago. During this time Peter has tampered away all the original writings, destroyed or removed all the older versions and original printed material from all corners to remove the evidence of the originals. He has systematically prepared the ground to introduce his new theories. As a crown he has brought out the biography to cap his work with his image. So that Sri Aurobindo’s message of direct from the Supreme becomes an ordinary intellectual failure and experiment.  That view may be fine for him and all those who are in opposition to this higher life. But people deserve the Truth, through his biography Peter’s intentions have come out in the open and it is now a public issue. Where as before an ordinary man could not distinguish where the eternal truths that Sri Aurobindo has brought for mankind were being edited.   And Peter and Co. getting away with it scot free.

    Now the Trustee does not run Sri Aurobindo’s  Ashram but his. There is a gang that spreads all around which is loyal to Manoj. His work force has its own people in all groups from where there may be revolt to Manoj’s power. He is well informed of all the activites and their motto is to smash, destroy or reject or confuse any attempt to establish a higher law. The power working is through establishing a fear through which the Manoj’s rule flourishes and Peter finds safety. Their kingdom spreads to all corners and converts or supresses any movement that threatens.

    To shift this working and remove life lived under the pressure of fear into the divine working for the benefit of the spiritual growth, freedom of life and self expression is the thing needed and wanted.  There has to be safe space created where truth, and spontaneity and free growth can express itself, the life of the ashram, the life of the highest that Sri Aurobindo has shown us, for which he worked, struggled, suffered , all for  us. Let us be loyal to Him alone and be loyal to the divine Mother for they are one. Nobody else should be brought in between.