15 Mar 2012

Dr. Gayatri Resigns from the Ashram Nursing Home

Though Dr. Gayatri resigned on the grounds of ill-health, it is obvious why she resigned from the Nursing Home. She had dared to be frank and outspoken on the issue of Peter Heehs and had condemned his book without any fear of retribution from her superior, Dr Dilip Datta, chief of the Ashram medical services and one of the decision-makers in the board of Trustees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Dr Dilip Datta and his daughter Shoma have been of late mired in controversy surrounding their racial remarks on the devotees of Orissa who had come to protest against the Ashram Trust’s blatant support of Peter Heehs’s book. Dr. Gayatri will continue to serve her patients from the Dispensary but the patients in the Nursing Home will miss her dedicated 24 x 7 services rendered by her for more than a decade.

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