19 Apr 2015

Comment by an Ashram inmate who has been deeply pained by the Heehs Affair

The problem is not so much with the likes of Heehs and Doniger. Born in an alien culture, fed by the staple diet of Freudianism or else serving the cause of a militant Church, they are true to their dharma not caring about what the world may say about them. But what about us Indians who neither read nor think for themselves? Look at what happened with the Heehs issue. The supporters of the book had hardly read anything of Sri Aurobindo or His other biographies to be able to even understand what was happening and what had irked the 'scholars', leave aside the devotees. Those who ran to his rescue and championed the cause of the book had neither the courtesy nor the courage to meet us on an open forum to discuss the issue and the book freely in an open debate. Instead they chose to hide behind personalised internet forums raising the deceptive slogans of 'freedom', 'equality' etc, or resorting to wild abuses on those who came forward to discuss even in the foxes' lair where cunning is regarded as synonymous with intelligence. Deceptive, because this proclaimed ideal was only a temporary contingency for the rescue of Heehs. But these too can be left aside. It’s not their fault. Most of them have been either brought up in a thoroughly Westernised way of life or have openly accepted it as superior thus continuing a cultural and intellectual slavery while sloganeering about intellectual freedom!! But what is worse is are those who had read and knew what was happening and what is at stake, but chose to remain silent, supporting the wrong deeds by their inaction, wearing another deceptive garb of neutrality. The courts and the Government of the day may be favourable to them since such is the way of politics and justice today but Time and Grace will surely reveal the Truth hidden behind these dubious motives though much water may flow down the lanes of Time by then and much damage done. But then who really cares where devotion is regarded as the sign of inferiority and love for God merely a religious sentiment! Hence the world suffers and the march is slow and full of difficulties. But do we deserve anything better when personal interests take precedence over Truth and Light and Love? So be it!

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