2 Feb 2014

Prof. Manoj Das writes to Dr. Kartikeswar Patra ― ex-M.P. from Balasore

(Translation of the Original in Odiya)

Dear Shriman Kartikeshwar-babu,                     13.11.2013

That day I was very pleased to have spoken to you over the phone. Of all our conversations that day the song that you sang without preparation struck in my ears and rang for a long time. Most political figures usually lose interest in such subtle and refined pursuits. But you are an exception, therefore my congratulations.

This is a personal letter. I leave for Goa tomorrow in the morning and will be back on the 16th. I am writing a short note in case of any delay. I have no interest in arguing with anyone. I have looked upon you with affection since your student days. So I am writing to you what I feel is true. Please do not show this letter to anyone (except dear Umarani).

During the lifetime of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo there have also been several attacks by dark forces on the Ashram. But fortunately / unfortunately because of their Force these dark forces did not get a chance to express themselves. At present whatever is happening is purely an attack by falsehood – I cannot explain this clearly enough in a letter – but the lady you mentioned was completely possessed and controlled by dark forces. During the Mother’s lifetime too such incidents have happened. I will elaborate when we meet.

I have been living in the Ashram for more than half a century. There has never been any event that can be called sexual harassment. Even when some such weakness has surfaced the Ashram has taken appropriate remedial action. The Ashram’s accounts are so transparent that they can stand as example for any other institution to follow.

A few people who have been possessed by dark forces are propelling the Ashram into a maze of insurmountable problems by sticking posters everywhere, shouting in the Assembly with the help of some politicians who have no relation with the Ashram, distributing pamphlets and showing fake films etc. as well as resorting to court cases. Perhaps because the Victory of the Truth is drawing closer, the adverse forces have become so active. It was prophesied that this would happen. I cannot give you any details. I am enclosing a photocopy of a letter and an issue of Auroville Today. This letter is a sample of the anguish of some senior sadhaks of the Ashram. The issue of Auroville Today is an exact account of the thoughts of the followers of Sri Aurobindo internationally.

Now I will draw your attention to a few small errors. You think what you have heard is true. I have never spoken to anyone scholar or professor regarding anybody’s Visa. This is only one false propaganda among millions of such propaganda. Once when I was in Delhi, two or three MPs wanted to meet me. They conveyed that they were sorry for having signed the letter which has been sent to the Ashram without knowing anything. But I did not go to meet them because I was not interested. I only met one MP cum Minister, Srikant babu, primarily to dispel his wrong impressions. Secondly, I wanted some help for a school from the MP’s fund.

Kartikeshwar-babu because you have creativity (in literature and music) although are in politics, you tend to become emotional. Therefore, I don’t blame you. Those whose appeal and request inspired you to take some steps are very cunning and their clever use of Sri Aurobindo’s name has naturally influenced you. But unfortunately they have become weapons in the hands of dark forces. Many really bright, intelligent and scholarly people can also be controlled by dark forces. But these people who are influencing you can never claim to be in the same league.

I have stated earlier that I am not interested in arguing. If I did not have so much affection for you I would not have written such an elaborate letter. This is simply a disinterested work on my part. You may or may not accept my point of view. I end for the moment.

Greetings to you and Umarani.

Once again please acknowledge when you receive the letter.


Manoj Das

[Read Dr. Kartikeshwar Patra's reply to Prof. Manoj Das in next posting.]

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