8 Jun 2013

Update On Police Harassment of Abala

This morning once again Nirmal Swain (Ashram Trust lawyer) brought a policewoman, this time to Abala's house. The police insisted that Abala come to the Police Station "just for ten minutes". Abala refused and said she will come later. Finally the policewoman asked her, "Why are you insulting respected persons of the Ashram?" Abala answered, "Who is there in the Ashram worthy of respect other than Sri Aurobindo?"

Having failed to take Abala to the Police Station without a formal summons or due process of law, the policewoman left. But Nirmal seemed more disappointed. The strategy they had planned was to take Abala to the Station and then put her in jail on some false pretext. Being a weekend, there would have been no way to get her out until the Courts reopened on Monday. (The Trustees have used this method on other "inconvenient" Ashramites before, at least one of whom was beaten on their orders while in jail.)

Later when a senior member of the Government phoned the Police to make enquiries, the Police told him, "Why are you so concerned over such a trivial matter?" The senior person said, "Harassment of a helpless old woman is not a trivial matter!"

Since the Police had not produced a summons, and since their attempt to take Abala to the station had no legal sanction, Abala was advised not to go to them.

The deep nexus between the Ashram Trustees and the local Police and their misuse of power lies exposed.

When Ashramites approached the Police or the Government for protection from the Trustees' illegal and threatening actions, the same Trustees quoted the Ashram "Rules and Regulations" (written by them) to say that it was wrong to approach the Police and against the spirit of Ashram life. But when it came to an old woman questioning the misuse of authority by the Trustees, these corrupt Trustees do not think twice of using the Police to harass Ashram Inmates!



  1. Comment by Ritwik Bannerji:

    Who gave the name ‘Abala’ (meaning lacking strength) to Abala? Presumably her parents, little anticipating a quality, which must have shown itself during her childhood, of fearlessness in the face of all opposition to truth in her real future course of life. Now it is indeed Abala who has bravely declined to go to the police station unshaken by the menacing encounter with a misinformed police and has completely quieted them with a clear and precise reply on the degree of respectability of fake disciples in the Ashram by and large. Only superficial scholars, including a Prof. Manoj Das with an excessive amour-propre, would read too much hagiography in this stand taken by her in relation to the Master even while she has not read Arya or scanned any scholastic materials of research. Present champions of values in the Ashram or anywhere in the world can learn some real lessons in sadhana from Abala’s transparent candid life!

  2. Comment by Ritwik Bannerji:

    At one point of time Manoj Das Gupta is reported to have said, 'Let Sri Aurobindo defend Himself'. Well, if that is true, then the whole drama has opened up on the stage as clear as daylight. He (MDG) is the main game-player on the other side through the medium of Peter Heehs and other Kauravas of the day. Abala is no abalä but a heroic soul on the side of the Lord.