2 Jun 2012

An Appeal to the Supporters of a Gurudrohi − Hrushikesh Acharya

An Appeal:

Guru-Drohi is that person, who, directly or indirectly, does any activity which slanders the status and image of the widely-revered figure of the Guru. Over the ages, such activity has been regarded as an unpardonable, heinous and sinful act for any follower/devotee/Sadhak, in whatever state he may be. 

Unfortunately, there is another set of familiar people, who do not have a direct hand in any activity of Guru-Droha. But for various personal reasons of favour, power, patronage, allegiance or lack of sincere love and devotion for the Guru, they support the activity of a Guru-Drohi or the supporters of a Guru-Drohi. In addition, they use all their influence and pressure on other sincere Sadhaks to oppose their genuine personal expression of anguish and protest against a Guru-Drohi and his activity, as if they have no freedom in such expression. Are we not seeing some of our friendly & familiar Sadhaks in this act?

We are now in the midst of this peculiar situation when a majority of sincere and well-meaning Sadhaks justly wish from their heart to voice their anguish and protest against the activity of a Guru-Drohi (=Peter), but they have to face opposition in this act from  familiar and friendly faces who have (for their ulterior or nefarious personal motives) chosen to support the Guru-Drohi and those others who choose to support the original bunch of supporters of the Guru-Drohi (again for reasons of power or favour). Among them, there are a few notable persons who were originally convinced that the said book was full of malevolent and mischievous contents against the Guru, but somehow, they soon changed their stance for mysterious reasons and started to support the book and its infamous author, Peter. The Mother only knows, what mischievous or Asuric forces are working behind their muddled minds. These are the persons who have worked incessantly during the recent months to canvass support from the media, pseudo-intellectuals and political bosses to achieve, on the very last day of deportation from India, an exceptional extension of visa for Peter, who was hitherto staying in India illegally without an appropriate visa, and was indulging in illegal and criminal activities in Pondicherry. The Asura is now enjoying his laugh.

At this point of time, I appeal to the primary and secondary supporters of the Guru-Drohi, whether at Pondicherry or in Odisha or elsewhere, to do a fresh soul-searching and analysis of their activity in the light of the Mother, and start living and acting as a sincere child of the Mother without fear or favour. Then only can they stop their oppression and interference in the activity of other sincere Sadhaks in their expression of anguish against the Guru-Drohi and show their solidarity with them.

In the Service of the Guru

H. Acharya

18 May, 2012

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  1. Very appropriately is explained the characters and activities of Gurudrohi Peter and his blind supporters.The true lovers of MotherSriAurobindo should think deeply over the matter and act calmly offering to Mother and praying to save Her institution\s from hands of anti-divine beings and forces.
    J N Samal
    05 June 2012