16 Feb 2012

Trust Replies to Prof. Kittu Reddy

  More of Sabre Rattling than Disciplinary Action

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  1. "It is unfortunate that an inmate who has enjoyed the facilities and amenities provided by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust..."

    At least this confirms from the proverbial horses mouth that this line that we have been hearing for more than a year from agents of the trust both on Savitri Era Open Forum and SAICE comes directly from "the very top"

    They are speaking like owners or at least anna-daataa type father figures and openly patronizing Ashramites. Not only that they are laying claim to property and, much worse, loyalty that rightfully belongs exclusively to Mother Sri Aurobindo.

    Do they have no concern whatever that sadhaks will not tolerate this kind of a domineering attitude and this daylight robbery from Mother Sri Aurobindo?