26 Aug 2009

A Relevant Quote from the Mother's Agenda

[I came across this paragraph from the Agenda of Sept 21st, 1966 and was wondering if it would make sense to post it on the livesofSriAurobindo site apropos the forthcoming "conference" on fundamentalism in the Yoga. It goes to show that one can easily mistake the spiritual for the religious, particularly when coming from the background of modern, western liberalism, and that the usage of the epithet "religious" is a derogatory remark, whether it is about about the Ashram, the Sadhana or Indian Sadhaks or even Mother and Sri Aurobindo Themselves -- Govind Rajesh]

"What's proving to be the most refractory (and the irony of it is wonderful) is ... the United Nations! Those people are outdated, oh! ... They haven't yet gone beyond the "materialistic, antireligious movement," and they made a derogatory remark about the Auroville brochure, saying it was "mystic," with "religious" tendency. The irony is lovely!
I said that to those who look after Auroville, I told them, "Those people [of UNESCO] are two hundred years behind the earth's march, so there's little hope they'll understand." But anyway, I didn't tell them not to deal with them - I don't give any advice.
But tiny details such as the one we spoke of just before [the French government's offer of a pension] are an indication: it's countries collaborating in the Truth without knowing it. And it's very good, it will do them good. It's good for them. It doesn't matter if they aren't aware of it (smiling): they won't have the pleasure of having done it, that's all!"


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