27 Apr 2009

Two Poems — by RY Deshpande

Two topical poems by R Y Deshpande:

  • The Death of Angiras—an Obituary

  • Devastation

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    The Death of Angiras—an Obituary

    His eyes were perfect, but like a blind star
    He walked through the long night when were asleep
    The skilled gods of time, and the guards who keep
    Vigil on swift things, in the lands that are
    Priceless and precious, stretching wide and far;
    In those realms of gold he saw a huge heap
    Of papers and, rather with a snarly leap,
    Took hold of them, wonders that had no scar.

    One by one all the missed commas were found
    And many a word looked quite dubious;
    The poet had lost his sense, in a voice bold
    He declared to the sleepy world. What ground…?
    But the sudden hand of death, furious,
    Took away his soul ere it could be sold.

    17 April 2009


    A village nestled in a ring of hills
    And waters came hurrying in a stream,—
    It was so until academic mills
    Got busy grinding scripts, ream after ream.

    Oh these stupid credulous folk! don’t know
    Methods of editing texts, how to read
    Phrases that are old, blurry, that but show
    The author his own promptings failed to heed.

    We’re the authentic lot from Yale-Harvard
    And the archival sciences, they maintain,
    Cannot be disputed be they for the bard
    Or for chaps who in the world see no gain.

    By now disappeared the small place, the brook,
    And the demons of thought its possession took.

    20 April 2009

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